Welcome to the Cognitive Medical Technology Laboratory at WPI! Our research is in the application of robotics and machine intelligence to enhance all aspects of medicine, with a special focus on interventional medicine.

Our laboratory is part of PracticePoint, a research center for Medical Cyber-Physical Systems located in the WPI Gateway Campus.

Nick got a paper accepted in the Journal of Medical Robotics Research. The manuscript is entitled Beyond Constant Curvature: A New Mechanics Model for Unidirectional Notched-Tube Continuum Wrists.

Dr. Fichera co-authored an article entitled Trans-eustachian Middle Ear Endoscopy Using a Steerable Distal-Camera Tipped Endoscope, which will appear in a forthcoming issue of Otology and Neurotology.

Our group got a paper accepted at IEEE EMBC 2021. The paper is entitled Optical Fiber Coupling System for Steerable Endoscopic Instruments, and it is a collaboration with Prof. Yuxiang Liu’s laboratory at WPI.

We also posted a pre-print on arXiv entitled Identification of Tissue Optical Properties During Thermal Laser-Tissue Interactions: Approach and Preliminary Evaluation. This project is in collaboration with Prof. Andrea Arnold (WPI).

Posted 18 Aug 2021 by Loris

Dr. Fichera co-authored an article for Frontiers in Robotics and AI entitled “μRALP and beyond: Micro-technologies and systems for robot-assisted endoscopic laser microsurgery.” The article will appear on the journal website.

Posted 14 Jul 2021 by Loris

Sabrina, Phil, Sam, and Zhongchuan won the Robotics Engineering Department Award for their senior design project entitled SCREAM 3.0: Super-elastic Continuum Robot for Endoscopic Articulation and Manipulation. They also won the award for the best video during project presentation day!

Sabrina and Isabelle were recognized with individual awards for their achievements during their time at WPI.

Congratulations to all!

Posted 01 Jun 2021 by Loris

Jesse successfully defended his Robotics MS thesis entitled Making Concentric Tube Robots More Accessible: A New Open-Source Design Made of 3D-Printed and Other Easy-to-Source Materials on April 21. He will join the MedLab at Vanderbilt University in the Fall of 2021 to continue his studies as a Ph.D. student.

Nick successfully passed his Robotics MS defense on April 19 with a thesis entitled A New Mechanics Model for Continuum Notched-Tube Wrists that Accounts for Tendon Friction and Material Nonlinearities, and he will continue his graduate studies at WPI.

Congratulations to Jesse and Nick!

Posted 21 Apr 2021 by Loris