18 August 2021

Nick got a paper accepted in the Journal of Medical Robotics Research. The manuscript is entitled Beyond Constant Curvature: A New Mechanics Model for Unidirectional Notched-Tube Continuum Wrists.

Dr. Fichera co-authored an article entitled Trans-eustachian Middle Ear Endoscopy Using a Steerable Distal-Camera Tipped Endoscope, which will appear in a forthcoming issue of Otology and Neurotology.

Our group got a paper accepted at IEEE EMBC 2021. The paper is entitled Optical Fiber Coupling System for Steerable Endoscopic Instruments, and it is a collaboration with Prof. Yuxiang Liu’s laboratory at WPI.

We also posted a pre-print on arXiv entitled Identification of Tissue Optical Properties During Thermal Laser-Tissue Interactions: Approach and Preliminary Evaluation. This project is in collaboration with Prof. Andrea Arnold (WPI).